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The view

Vox lays bare Biden’s $2trn climate plan.

Google’s COVID database of 150m data points made available to the world.

The Chinese government plan to cut country’s meat intake by 50%, and how the people are speaking vegan revolution with their wallets.

NY Times spotlights deforestation, up 12%, in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Cameroon & The Congo, whilst Indonesia & Malaysia show signs of improvement.

Yale say methane-eating bacteria can save the Arctic. MIT are growing 'cultured wood' in labs. Jet fuel from household waste. Oxford and Cambridge turn lawns into meadows teaming with life. 5 female farmers push change in farming. Sir David Attenborough encourages compulsory nature study lessons in schools.

Why humans and pigs like fermented food, how a love of complex smells and flavours gave us an edge… and stopped hangovers. Is your fish what it says it is? Fish fraud, 40% of served fish is mislabelled across 30 countries.

Plans to re-introduce wolves, lynx, beavers and now Dalmatian Pelicans to Britain are finally afoot.

Our news: we’re launching a sustainable food fund

To transition our food systems, improve our soils, deliver affordable, nutritious food and regenerate ecosystems. We’ve assembled a dynamite team of experts and are readying for launch.

If you’re keen to know more, or would like to be involved, please get in touch here.

Exciting times afoot.

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ps, watch Seaspiracy as per below.


“We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruption of agriculture in history.” - RethinkX

Christopher Ramsay

Partner of Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet
Ambassador to
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How can Business survive climate change?

From extreme weather to regulation. Carbon emissions are up 60% this decade, the majority from 100 companies, what can business do?

The definitive guide to the shrinking Amazon

How bad is it, historically vs now, why some areas matter more than others and what’s needed, by VOX.

LA’s Renegade Gardener

Saving communities with seeds. How Ron Finley beat the system and changed LA for the better.


The brilliant Connected Disaffected. How WWII levels of intervention and investment are needed to tackle climate change.

New York Times explains how Wyoming’s ‘Carbon County’ has become a national talisman for Wind.

Wales punching above its weight. The world’s first country to work the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into constitution. The brilliant Jane Davidson MP talks big change.


RethinkX: Rethinking Energy

This incendiary report exposes the financial bubble around fossil fuel and hydroelectric assets:

“100% clean electricity from the combination of solar, wind, and batteries is both physically possible and economically affordable by 2030.” Referring to a “superabundance of clean energy output…which will be available at near-zero marginal cost throughout the year in nearly all populated locations.”

English Organic Forum: Why Organic?

Will the dawn of the new Agriculture Act and the Environmental Land Management Scheme offer a unique opportunity to green the UK’s agricultural sector? One practical solution: go organic.

It’s a developed practise with laws, reporting, certifications already established and has pre-empted and solved most major environmental challenges facing farming today. Short report here.


Albert & the Whale

An exploration of life, art and the sea. Albrecht Dürer changed the way we saw nature through art; it showed us who we are, but it also foresaw our future. It’s a vision that remains startlingly powerful and seductive, even now.

Forage: Wild Plants to Gather & Eat

A beautifully illustrated celebration of edible plants that can be found throughout the world. Journeying through 50 globally populated edible plants, Forage explores the culture and history of our wild food with stunning artwork.

For the Love of Soil: Strategies to regenerate our food production systems

A land manager’s roadmap to healthy soil and revitalised food systems in challenging times. Equipping producers with knowledge, skills and insights to regenerate ecosystem health and grow farm profits.


Seaspiracy: MUST WATCH!

Enough static line is deployed daily to cross the world 500 times. 40% of global fishing is wasted and fishing nets make up 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. How industry lobbying has hidden the true cost of trawling our oceans into deserts.

Blackfish, orcas explained:

The complex world of orcas. A masterpiece and harrowing to the core. Also worth watching The Cove, undercover in Japan.

From Kurils With Love

The world’s most inaccessible, volcanic island chain, linking Japan to Russia; a stunning exploration of changing wildlife at the extremes.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/


Congratulations to Proteon, the team removing antibiotics from food systems.

They’ve received significant funding from Aqua Spark, another corporate investor as well as confirming next year’s roadmap with their second tier 1 partner.

Congratulations to Weedingtech, the organic herbicide removing glyphosate from our public spaces, for beating their 2020 targets, Q1 2021 targets and confirming a lead investor in their final round.

Well done to our founders,

If you’d like to discuss your impact, our founders or fund managers innovating better systems, please get in touch here, we’d love to chat.

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