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No. 5

Here’s to a breakthrough year.

2021’s witnessing a successful moonshot in the form of a vaccine.

Biden’s making it clear that the next moonshot is climate change… but needs a collaboration of all businesses, all politics, all peoples. Having rejoined the Paris agreement he’s launching a $2trn clean energy plan creating millions of jobs, conserving 30% of land and sea by 2030, and stopping drilling on public lands. (Listen to Vox summarise his 13 latest initiatives here).

Can we draw a parallel to JFK, as he galvanised the US for the seemingly impossible space race? 8 years later they landed a man on the moon.

What we learned from 2020

A hilarious, must-see, warts-and-all recap of last year by Black Mirror creator, Charlie Brooker’s ‘Death to 2020'. The New York Times masterfully sews together 2020's key climate narratives. It’s worth remembering quite how unique a decade we’ve just witnessed: The MET decade in review, exactly how bad was it?

Looking forward to 2021

The good news is Biden’s not alone in focusing on climate. Boris committed £3bn to protect biodiversity, the UK transitions to clean power faster than all major economies, and prepares to push for deeper global action as it hosts COP26 in Glasgow. January saw 50 countries commit to protecting 30% of the planet at the One Planet Summit. Meanwhile, Larry Fink uses the world’s largest investor, Blackrock, to pressurise big industry to Net Zero; and HRH Prince Charles pushes the Terra Carta initiative, to hold industry and governments accountable to their commitments.

Our news: we’re launching a fund

We’ve got access to the pioneers innovating a sustainable, healthier, restorative food system.

We’ve partnered with an industry leader, university and their incubation hub. Assembled a leading team across regenerative agriculture/ agro-ecology, smart food systems, the microbiome, nutrient density, transition finance and sustainable reforestation. Alongside experts in fund management, due diligence and growing companies.

If this inline with your thinking, we’d love to hear from you.

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“We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruption of agriculture in history.” - RethinkX

Christopher Ramsay

Partner of Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet
Ambassador to
Supporter of Farm491


What We Need to Know for 2021

Shooting asteroids, democracy vs autocracy, the electric revolution and locking horns with climate change. The Economist tells us where to look for 2021.

Jurassic Park (no, seriously)

Rewinding time. How to stop a thawing permafrost. This father and son team propose bringing back mega-fauna to the ‘Mammoth Steppe’.

‘The Nation That Destroys its Soil, Destroys Itself’ - FDR

Life on land began and begins in soil. We’re running out. Meet the 'Regenerative Renegades'.


Could Biden’s presidency be the global tipping point in our fight against climate change? How possible is Net Zero for 2050?

Bill Gates tells us what the human race should be prioritising, and the responsibilities developed countries have in the fight against climate change.

How To Save A Planet: The Dirty Climate Solution: wryly explain why old farming methods need to change and shine light on the need to restore soil.


How our food systems can feed the world, double the amount of land given back to nature, reach Net Zero and stop chemical inputs: The Roadmap to 2030 by The Food and Farming Commission. How multi-functional agriculture can feed nutrient dense food to 9bn people whilst regenerating landscapes and nature, by the IDDR.

Save our Seas, how to actually protect our protected waters. The WWF and Sky propose a 10 year ocean recovery plan to inject £50bn into the UK economy, as well as create 100,000 new jobs.


The Overstory

Pulitzer winner, a story of diverse lives and environmentalism. An ingeniously structured narrative that approaches trees and the threats facing them with wonder, reverence, and an urgency that could be enough to change minds.

The Great Re-Think

All too plausibly popes and scientists are warning us of impending collapse, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We must rethink everything we have taken for granted. - Join Colin Tudge for a refreshingly optimistic review.

The Six New Rules of Business

Reputation, trust and loyalty are imposing new ways to assess risks and opportunities in the investing world. As ‘maximising shareholder value’ loses sway, find out how the notion of business success is being redefined.


Ancient Greenskeepers

How to keep precious our ‘Cathedrals of Nature’ (John Muir). How the indigenous peoples of California have tended the land for millennia and the importance of their environmental knowledge.

Real values make a better business:

An award-winning meditation on how businesses can create value beyond profit.

How meat might play a part

The meat industry operates under some grizzly conditions, but are we missing the point by giving meat up altogether?


Congratulations to Proteon, the team removing antibiotics from food systems.

They’ve received significant funding from Aqua Spark as well as confirming their second tier 1 partner, with the world’s leading aqua-feed developer and distributor.

Congratulations to Weedingtech, the organic herbicide team, for beating their 2020 targets and creating a clear route to profitability via their tier 1 distributors:

Well done to our founders, if you’d like to discuss your impact agenda and how it might fit with our array of founders and fund managers innovating better systems, please get in touch here, we’d love to chat.

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