The Pelican Beak

No. 4 festive edition

Ouch what a year. We hope you’re healthy and about to take a well earned break.

Here’s a shorter than usual Xmas stocking to get you through the minefield of 2020’s existential angst.

Silver linings:

It’s been a huge year for ‘Net Zero’ in the press, why can’t all PM’s be like Jacinda Ardern, as New Zealand announces carbon neutrality by 2025, Biden rejoins the Paris Agreement, the Fed joins 75 central banks to ‘green the financial system’, the world’s largest Asset Managers pledge $9tn of portfolio investment by 2050, Ikea going completely circular by 2030 (having used c.1% of the world’s wood supply at their height), McDonalds announcing the McPlant and scrutiny on government green agendas accelerating around the world. Let’s hope the UK can lead by example at Glasgow’s COP26 in Nov.

Without further adieu, here’s the turkey to this Christmas’s newsletter:

Some XMAS tonic:

Via royal potatoes, vails and prostitutes, ad-man Rory Sutherland shows us how to find ‘intangible value’ in the everyday, how power-posing will trick your brain into optimum flow by halving your cortisol, how a brain-damaged, car-crash victim became a Harvard lecturer against the odds, why leading neuroscientists rollerblade on boardwalks, how exercise and the outdoors make us feel wonderful, the importance of finding your space, your marshmallow mind vs your acorn mind, how ‘Cathedral thinking’ for the next generation gives us perspective for our day to day, the ice man, Wim Hoff, shows us how cold swimming is a cardiovascular work out that makes us more compassionate and changes our physiology, a very silly COVID skit, a festive playlist and our favourite Christmas song.

Sign off from us: how you can help impact take flight

There’s still a funding gap at the early-stage of innovation. We need more capital to flow to the innovators at pre-seed, seed and series A, who’ll be steering much of this Net Zero drive for sustainability.

Which is where we at Pelican Founders come in.

We have a rich, ever-growing, global network of founders, experts and investors. We open the opportunity for first-look access at these change-makers and the chance to help them grow. Whether sustainable reforestation, sustainable aqua-culture, transitioning to regenerative agriculture or producing affordable, nutritious food sustainably.

If you invest in private impact, direct or via funds, please think of us over Christmas and get in touch in 2021.

Meanwhile please enjoy the Xmas smorgasbord below:

Christopher Ramsay

ps, and please welcome Max Roper to the team!

“We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruption of agriculture in history.” - RethinkX

Christopher Ramsay

Partner of Patagonia’s 1% for the Planet
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Supporter of Farm491

A few baubles to brighten your thoughts over the Xmas breather.

‘We’re perishing for want of wonder not want of wonders’.

-GK Chesterton

The irreverent super-mind, & Ogilvy frontman, Rory Sutherland shows us how to reframe our perception of what we’ve got. How with intangible assets, we can be wealthier than we ever imagined.

No one’s having more fun than Slomo

A paean to movement. How a leading neurologist and psychiatrist found his chi in beachside roller-blading.

What does hope do to our brain (and bodies)

The psychology of ‘positive prospecting’. To make sure our future-self inspires us, how to make hope happen and how it affects our physical biology. from Medium’s leading author and father of 6:

How biting a pen could make your career

Can we hack our bodies and minds to feel like we’re at the top of our game? To think as confidently, broadly and clearly as possible… with no stress? From a gifted child, hit by a car and brain damaged, to her ascension as a Harvard professor. A practical guide to power-posing and ‘faking it until you become it’.

How thinking long-term liberates us and makes us better parents:

The Ice-Man cometh

We’ve got enough capillaries in each of us to circle the globe. How a cold dip is a cardiovascular workout for mood regulation, mental clarity and being present. Ice-man Wim Hoff, who’s climbed Everest in shorts, discusses accessing parts of the brain that we’ve lost touch with; Can the body calm our conscious and allow us to have more control? Russell Brand and Wim discuss:

Just because:


We’re proud to have access to a rich stable of companies and funds driving the sustainable transition.

But today we’re proud to say:

EnvoPap have funded their Series A, leading the materials revolution.

Weedingtech are closing their final round. Leading the fight against Glyphosate and healthier soils.

Proteon, removing antibiotics from our food systems, announced a second tier 1 distribution partner.

Well done everyone, if you’d like to discuss your impact agenda and how it might fit with our array of founders and fund managers innovating better systems, please get in touch here, we’d love to chat.

Happy Holidays in the meantime, here’s a favourite:

And a playlist to bop to: